A New Testament Greek Grammar Review Tool    
Translation Drills
1. Language Basics
2. Declension Patterns
3. Basic Nouns
4. Advanced Nouns
5. Prepositions
6. Basic Adjectives
7. Advanced Adjectives
8. Personal Pronouns
9. Uses of Autos
10. Demonstratives
11. Relative Pronouns
12. Other Pronouns
13. Present Tense
14. Future Tense
15. Imperfect Tense
16. 2nd Aorist Tense
17. 1st Aorist Tense
18. Perfect Tense
19. Adverbial Ptcp
20. Attributive Ptcp
21. Substantival Ptcp
22. Genitive Absolute
23. Periphrastics
24. Subjunctives
25. Infinitives
26. Imperatives
27. mi Verbs

Instructions for Translation

This section provides several approaches to reviewing and practicing Greek translation. The first two units contain review questions about the basic alphabet, accents, and punctuation (unit 1) and case endings, case functions, and the article (unit 2). The remaining units contain sentences from the Greek New Testament, with each unit focussing on a different aspect of basic Greek grammar. All the units are listed in the menu bar to the left.

Each of the 25 units of translation will present you with from four to twelve sentences. You may simply translate them and check your results against the translations provided. Or you may choose to transfer to the analysis page where you can view the full translation as well as a grammatical and functional analysis for each word in the sentence. The analysis will also provide context-sensitive comments about the form, function, or translation of the word. Matters of style are occasionally addressed as well.

Included with the analysis is full parsing information for each word. Users can strengthen their parsing skills by practicing with each word before viewing its analysis.

The sentences are to some extent "graded." That is to say, the earlier units tend to have simpler sentences and less complex grammar than the later units. However, it is still the assumption that users will have had enough basic grammar when they begin ANALYTIKON to handle any later material that may occur from time to time in the earlier units.

Now that you are ready to go, simply select the unit you wish to review from the menu to the left and start your translation review.


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