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Abbreviations in Analytikon

The following abbreviations are available for use within ANALYTIKON. Some are standard, others are peculiar to the materials here, but most will be intuitive in their contexts.

Acc Accusative   MS Manuscript
Act Active   MV Main Verb
Adj Adjective   N Number or Neuter
Adv Adverb   N/Acc Nom or Accusative
Ante Antecedent   Neg Negative or Negation
Aor Aorist   Neut Neuter
Aor1 First Aorist   No Number
Aor2 Second Aorist   Nom Nominative
Art Article   OP Object of Preposition
Asp Aspect   P Plural
Attrb Attributive   P/F Position/Function
C Case   P/G Person/Gender
Cat Category   P/N Person/Number
Circ Circumflex   Part Participle or Particle
Cmd Command   Pass Passive
Cond Condition or Conditional   Per Person
Conj Conjunction   Perf Perfect or Perfective
Cons Consonant   Pfct Perfect or Perfective
Cont Continuous   Pg Page
Ctrct Contract   Phr Phrase
CV Connecting Vowel   Pl Plural
Dat Dative   Plup Pluperfect
Dbl Double   Plur Plural
Dem Demonstrative   POS Part of Speech
Demst Demonstrative   Pos Position
Dep Deponent   Poss Possession
Diph Diphthong   PP Prepositional Phrase
DirObj Direct Object   Pred Predicate
DO Direct Object   Prep Preposition
Dpnd Dependent   PrepPhr Prepositional Phrase
DV Dependent Verb   Pres Present
Emph Emphasis   Prhb Prohibition
Eng English   Prim Primary
F Feminine   PrinPt Principal Part
Fem Feminine   Pron Pronoun
Func Function   Ptcp Participle
Fut Future   Punct Punctuation
G Gender   Rel Relative
Gen Gender or Genitive   Rev Review
GNC Gender, Number, Case   RP Relative Pronoun
Grk Greek   S Singular
Ide Identical   Sec Secondary
Impf Imperfect   Sg Singular
Impv Imperative   Sing Singular
Ind Indicative   SOS Square of Stops
IndObj Indirect Object   Subj Subjunctive or Subject
Indp Independent   Subst Substantive or Substantival
Inf Infinitive   T Tense
Infl Inflection or Inflected   TF Tense Formative
Intrans Intransitive   Tns Tense
Intsv Intensive   Trans Translation or Transitive
IO Indirect Object   TS Tense Sign
Lex Lexical   TVM Tense, Voice, Mood
M Masculine   Und Undefined
M/P Middle/Passive   V Voice
Masc Masculine   Vb Verb
MFN Masculine, Feminine,Neuter   Voc Vocative
Mid Middle   Vow Vowel
Mng Meaning      

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