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Welcome to ANALYTIKON, a place where you can review the basics of New Testament Greek and practice identifying essential vocabulary and grammatical functions as you translate fully annotated verses from the New Testament.

This site is designed to assist those who have already studied basic NT Greek and wish to refresh their language skills of reading, translation, and grammatical analysis for their personal or formal academic studies. There are numerous self-study sites available on the web for those desiring an introduction to NT Greek. Those typically include text much like a traditional grammar book that one reads chapter by chapter. Some include translation exercises that enable the students to reinforce what they have read by translating and comparing their results with online answer guides. Those sites are valuable and can work well for certain students, but do not always provide context sensitive explanations that enable students to understand why their translations go awry or what procedures to follow for correct translation.

ANALYTIKON provides a brief review of essential grammar with the assumption that users who have already studied NT Greek will have the appropriate texts for more detailed review as needed. Should users need a refresher on the meaning of particular grammatical terms, a glossary is also available. The primary features of ANALYTIKON, however, focus on vocabulary, grammatical functions, and translation. Users can drill themselves on vocabulary and grammatical functions using a simple form of electronic flash cards, not unlike the manual procedures familiar to many who originally learned with decks of homemade vocabulary cards. The translation drills consist of 25 units of hypertexted NT verses covering the major grammatical topics in basic NT Greek. Users do their own translations and either check their work against the translations provided or seek additional hints and explanations by following links from the troublesome words. A list of the standard abbreviations used by ANALYTIKON is available as well.

Greek Fonts
To view the Greek text on ANALYTIKON users should install TekniaGreek, a standard Greek font created by Dr. William Mounce, that works well on both PC and Macintosh systems. This font is available either from the CD included with his textbook Basics of Biblical Greek, 2nd ed. (Zondervan, 2003) or from his website www.teknia.com. Users can download and install the font at no cost.

Adobe Acrobat Reader
Some resource materials on this site require Acrobat Reader for viewing and down-loading. If you do not already have this installed on your system, free downloads of the reader are available from the following site: www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readstep2_allversions.html


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